Batteries run down, no matter how expensive your watch is.

You wouldn’t want just anyone doing the battery replacement.

Not when it’s your most reliable everyday watch or your most expensive special-occasion watch. Or especially your most loved watch passed to you by your Granddad.

When your timepiece is that special and its battery runs down, you want an experienced jeweller to handle it.

How Fish Brothers can serve you

At Fish Brothers, we replace watch batteries with the skill and care we put into all our other repair and restoration services.
Bring your watch to us, and we will replace the battery for you. You do not need to have bought the watch from us.

This is the process we follow when we replace your watch’s battery:

● We carefully remove the watch case backing and battery case.
● We take out the old battery and replace it with a new one that has been ensured to be the right type for your watch. We reset the circuit if necessary.
● We check that all the watch parts are working correctly with the newly installed battery. If all parts are working well, we reassemble the watch.

If something other than the battery is wrong with your watch, we will let you know and give you a repair estimate. You have the option of having us proceed with the repair or not.
We can do the battery replacement and have your watch ready for you within [insert replacement period]. We will let you know in advance how much the service will cost you before you commit.

Come to Fish Brothers. Our expertise is at your disposal!