How to Maintain the Value of a Watch Collection

How to Maintain the Value of a Watch Collection

If you are passionate about watches, chances are that you will invest in a watch collection. This way, you will compile all your favorite and cherished pieces in one place. Whether you are collecting keepsakes or looking to sell them off at a profit later, it is important to maintain the value of your watch collection. In fact, there are many things you can do to reduce or increase the value of your time pieces; this article looks at the best tips to retain and increase your watch collection worth, in a simple way.

To maintain the mechanical value, service your watch collection regularly

Servicing is critical when it comes to maintaining your watches. Because they are mechanical, it is key to consider damage that may occur to the dial and hands owing to an array of factors. The mechanical parts are kept in top shape by grease and oil and with time, the components will dry out, compromising the mechanical function. To avoid this problem, have your collection serviced regularly. For many luxury watches, doing this every 3 to 5 years can help greatly. Keep in mind that when the collection has wanting mechanical function, the overall value goes down.

Clean your collection regularly and retain overall value

Once a month, clean your collection with some mild soap and water. This will help remove dust, dirt, debris, salt, sand, grime and any other element that can harm your time pieces. This simple practice will help you keep erosion at bay and keep the value therein. However, it is important to consider the materials used in making your watches. Use the manufacturer’s guide to clean various pieces. For example, some metal parts should be cleaned carefully to discourage erosion. In such cases, using a clean dry cloth to wipe the dirt is enough. All in all, engaging is some form of cleaning will make all the difference in your collection.

Safely store all watch accessories and paperwork

When you buy your watches, the packaging will contain crucial documents and accessories for the piece. This paperwork is important whether you buy a brand new piece or a used one. The documents add to the value of your collection. In a way, they make the products more authentic. All original product accessories are also invaluable. Therefore, never discard any accompanying paperwork with your collection. In many cases, this information will increase the value of your collection.

Avoid alterations at all cost

Some watch collectors will alter their watches by replacing some original components with new ones. For example, a Rolex dial is replaced with an aftermarket dial. This is the quickest way to reduce the value of your collection. This is because original parts have better value than fake parts. Some of the unoriginal parts can also ruin the mechanical function of your watch completely. Therefore, to maintain the value of your collection, avoid alterations.

Prevent damage to your collection

Do everything in your power to prevent any damage to your watch collection. For example, when you are undertaking heavy duty work like construction, remove the watch. Also, store the collection in a safe place where there is no exposure to sunlight or moisture. When you are handling chemicals like detergents and bleach, make sure to remove your watch. All these simple tactics will help maintain the value.