How to Buy a Pre-Owned Watch

How to Buy a Pre-Owned Watch

Did you know that not only do we lend on prestige watches, we also sell them?

If you are thinking of investing in a luxury timepiece, buying a pre-owned watch is a fantastic option and great value for your money. Every one of our pre-owned watches are stringently checked for authenticity and have been given a full service and each come with a 12 month warranty.

Our resident watch expert Luke Stafford shares his insider tips to help you choose the perfect timepiece.

Buy from a trusted retailer
This way you can be assured that you are buying a genuine timepiece. We’ve have been buying and selling and repairing all manner of timepieces since 1830, so you can depend on us to provide a genuine, authentic quality timepiece.

Do your homework!
When it comes to researching timepieces, the internet is a great resource where you’ll find a wealth of information to help you in your research.

Look through the Loupe
A jewellers 10x magnification loupe will show you the quality and the detail of the watch. All text, be it printed on the dial or engraved on the casing, should be sharp, defined and solid. Our team will be happy to let you view these high quality details for yourself.

Check the Functions
Additional functions, such as date, annual calendar, chronograph, minute repeater etc are known as ‘complications’. These complications are intricate and expensive, and therefore more often than not they are overlooked by counterfeits. Check that everything is working as it should, if complications are not functioning it can be expensive and timely to repair. When you buy from Fish Brothers, all of this will be done for you.

Ask a Friend
We’ll try to make the whole purchasing experience as easy and enjoyable for you, and we won’t pressure you into making any quick decisions. We know that investing in a pre-owned timepiece can be daunting. So take your time and get a second opinion from someone you trust to help you along.