A Quick, Easy To Arrange Loan With Benefits

A Quick, Easy To Arrange Loan With Benefits

There are times that many of us could do with a cash injection, but getting a quick, easy to arrange loan with benefits is often not as easy to achieve as many make out.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why, and then explain one sure-fire way that such a loan can be yours in no time whatsoever.

 If speed of loan is your priority:

In an ideal world we would all be able to plan ahead. In the event we knew additional cash was required there would be time to put things into place in good time to ensure a bank, or financial institution loan is arranged in advance.

The problem is that this takes time, and if you need money quickly then time is not on your side.

A loan from family members or friends is another option, but, as we know, spare cash is not always available from this source.

There are other types of loans available, but the majority of these require extensive documentation and agreements to be signed or wait for comprehensive background credit checks to be carried out before your loan application is accepted.

Not only is this inconvenient, and in many cases unacceptable, it can also be very time-consuming.

A quick, convenient and very easy loan option:

The solution to your problem of acquiring instant cash is to take advantage of a well-respected pawnbrokers services.

By taking item(s) of value to a pawnbroker you can discuss and agree an ‘on-the-spot’ loan. The amount you require will depend on the valuation that the pawnbroker puts on your items. Obviously, the greater the value, the greater the loan.

Loans can be given for as little as £5 and run into many 1,000’s of £’s.

Once an acceptable price is negotiated, there is only one A4-size agreement form that needs to be completed.

Better still, as soon as all relevant details have been inserted and both you and the pawnbroker sign the agreement, you hand over your goods, they hand over the cash!

Flexible payback/return of goods:

It is important to understand the flexibility that this type of loan offers. The agreement generally lasts for 6 or 7 months. This means you have ample time to save the amount of loan given by the pawnbroker plus the agreed interest rate charges.

For additional assurances on this type of loan you should be aware that:

  • As the customer you have the right to give notice of your desire to withdraw from the loan within 14 days of signature
  • You may make partial or full repayments early
  • You are entitled to redeem your goods simply by paying the agreed original loan amount plus the agreed interest at any time during the contract period.

Taking a pawnbroker loan offers real convenience:

When all things are considered, taking the route of a pawnbroking loan really does allow a quick, easy to arrange loan with benefits.

An even more comforting thought is that once you have repaid the loan plus agreed interest, those personal goods you secured the loan against will be back in your hands!